Metal Workshop

The metal workshop is equipped with a wide collection of metal processing equipment designed to carry out customized production upon request. All finishing processes are carried out by our expert, professional machine operators in order to guarantee the precision of each and every component.
With a monthly production capacity of 200 diverse sets of packing equipment, all orders must undergo a technical and delivery assessment before delivery. This ensures all equipment is of the highest possible quality and will be delivered on time.

Metal Workshop

UNIONPACK is equipped with many lathes, which could be used to deliver customized production according to customers’ requirements. Moreover, these lathes allow for fine processing, which guarantees the high accuracy of component processing. Besides that, our company has strong manufacturing capacity-200 equipment of different kinds in a single month. Therefore, our products could be delivered in due time without sacrificing their quality.

  • Lathe processing
  • Drill press
  • Component processing
  • CNC lathe

Strict quality control will be delivered to the components before they are stored in the warehouse, which could ensure that all the components are qualified for delivery.

  • Component warehouse
  • Manual inspection
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