What We Do

Our company is home to over 200 talented employees. Our manufacturing complex spans more than 3,000 square meters.

The metal workshop is equipped with a wide collection of metal processing equipment designed to carry out customized production upon request. All finishing processes are carried out by our expert, professional machine operators in order to guarantee the precision of each and every component.

In order to ensure all orders are completed on time, the assembly and commissioning process is carried out in the same workshop. Because some packing machines are easier to assemble than others, we have multiple groups of equipment designed to assemble different machines, which guarantees both precision and speed for all machinery.

Because we supply a variety of different types of packing equipment, we will provide detailed operation instructions and videos for the customer to ensure easy operation of all machines they receive.

Our R&D team is comprised of more than 30 people, each of whom are dedicated to creating complete, high quality packaging solutions for customers. This team has dedicated their efforts to improve the quality of our machines, as well as develop new equipment to keep up with ever changing technology and market demands.

What We Do
  • Metal Workshop
  • Production Workshop
  • After-sales Service
  • R&D Capability