RezPak’s extensive range of packing equipment products is customized in strict accordance with customer needs. We offer medium- and high-grade equipment sets to meet a variety of market demands.

The pre-made bag packaging line is suitable for packing granules, liquids, powders, lumps, and a variety of other materials. It can be used in production of zipper bags, spout bags, retort pouches, specially shaped bags and other pre-made bag types.

RezPak’s automatic vacuum packaging line can be used to pack granules, liquids and lumps in a vacuum environment. Based on different materials, this production line is equipped with a variety of weighing and feeding options.

The fully-automatic packaging line has combined the stretch film wrapper and bag feeder. It carries out automatic feeding, vacuum packaging, fully-automatic folding and overturning, as well as the secondary packaging of pre-made bags.

The plastic cup thermoforming, filling and sealing machine can be customized upon request. It is PLC-controlled, servo-driven, and operates with a waste recycling system and a German BOSCH vacuum pump.

Our rotary preformed cup filling sealing machine is ideal for the filling and sealing of preformed plastic cups with a variety of materials. It can automatically complete the feeding, filling, laminating, sealing, coding, upright cup discharging and other working procedures.

Our company has over three decades of experience in the development and production of pillow type packaging machines, which can pack bread, vegetables, candies, chocolate and biscuits at speeds ranging from 300 pieces per minute to 1,200 pieces per minute.

Product Videos
  • Pre-Made Bag Packaging Line
  • Automatic Vacuum Packaging Line
  • Fully-Automatic Packaging Line
  • Plastic Cup Thermoforming Fill Seal Machine
  • Rotary Preformed Cup Filling Sealing Machine
  • Pillow Type Packaging Machine